Bingelela Consulting Professionals is a South African based, registered Quantity Surveying and Construction Consulting practice. As proud citizens of our beautiful country we want to reflect visible Professionalism through service excellence.  We believe that this will inspire confidance amongst our clients and warrant quality.


During 2006 Bingelela Investments (Pty) Ltd (BI), Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sizwe Khumalo became a 30% shareholder of SVP and the company today is now called Bingelela Consulting Professionals (BCP). BI having a wealth of Chemical Engineering and Management talent and experience brought in a process industry dimension to an already well-established Quantity Survey and Project Management Company.

We are creating wealth through a unified and integrated effort for all.  We do this in order to plough back and to contribute to empowering people in all spheres of life, especially those people who are still battling after years of Democracy in South Africa.

Change is never easy but it is always refreshing.  There are so many challenges out there and we feel that we can contribute in the spirit of the new South Africa.  Someone once said "the only constant in life is change."  We also believe that it is demonstrative of our seriousness to transform and support the Government in their initiatives towards creating a better life for all South Africans.

Introducing the Bingelela brand

As proud citizens of our beautiful country we want to reflect visible Professionalism through service excellence.  We believe that this will inspire confidence amongst our clients and warrant quality.


What's in a name?

Bingelela means "to greet or introduce".  For too long we have been isolated from each other's cultures, homes and businesses.  We want to greet one another as fellow citizens and business people, we want to introduce a new beginning and we want to establish a prosperous future, together, in South Africa.

As Bingelela Consulting Professionals (BCP) we want to capture our sincere eagerness to be "introduced" to new and exciting challenges that are still to be faced in our country.  William Blake said "Strength lies in differences, not similarities". By combining our name with the slogan "unity, power, prosperity for all" we believe that we have an identity that embodies our vision, commitment and seriousness in our industry.

We are all equal before God and being part of the community where we work, we want to be a blessing as we are blessed.  As we have said in the past, "true wealth is not what you have but what you give". This just makes a lot of business sense to us.



Corporate Policy

Our clients will receive the optimum advantage in terms of time and money spent on any of the projects in which this firm is involved.  Direct personal commitment and involvement by all of the firm's partners is a priority.

The Company enjoyed rapid and steady growth over the years due to its policy of motivated and genuine concern for the needs of the client.  The Company's main objective is to maintain the highest possible standards of competence with regards to:

- Services to the client
- BEE and EPWP Policies
- Effectiveness and competence
- Integrity and confidentiality
- Quality of proposals
- Experience and scope of knowledge
- Application of the latest technology
- Professionalism

Management Profile


Johan was born in Pietersurg on the 11th January 1964. He matriculated in 1981 and obtained his BSc (Q.S.) degree in 1989 at the University of pretoria.  He spent two years in Sheffield, United Kingdom, to gain international exposure, with a major construction firm, in civil and related operations.  He has been in practice since 1991.  Johan is also a qualified contracts Adjudicator and Arbitrator.  Johan received his LLM in Construcntion Law and Arbitration in 2013 from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland.


Jan was born in Johannesburg on the 13th July 1951  He matriculated in 1969 and obtained his BSc (Q.S.) degree in 1976 and his MBA degree in 1981, both at the University of the Witwatersrand.  He has been in practice since 1977.  Jan is the principal of our Zululand operations and has an office in Mkuze, KwaZulu Natal.  He is instrumental in the training and supervising of aspiring young Quantity Surveyors that are employed by our company and many successful candidates have flown the nest after obtaining professional status from Bingelela Consulting Professionals.  Jan specializes in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical quantity Surveying Works and works in close conjunction with our Engineering colleagues in the industry.



Sizwe matriculated and obtained his National Diploma (T4) in Chemical Engineering from the Natal Tecknikon in 1990.  In 1998 Sizwe completed the Management Development programme at Unisa and he is a Master of Busines Leadership (MBL) candidate through UNISA.  He has been practicing in the industrial process engineering and related management fields for more than 20 years.  He is currently the President of the Zululand Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a founding member of the uThungulu Strategic Development Committee (USDC). Sizwe is the chairman of Tata Steel KZN Stakeholder Liaison Committee.

Elmarie was born on 12 April 1965. She matriculated from Estcourt High School in 1982.  and obtained her B Proc degree from the University of Pretoria in 1987. After her articles and gaining experience at various law firms, she eventually opened her own firm in 1995 with Antha Serfontein called Serfontein and Richards Inc. where they specialized in conveyancing and estates. Elmarie brings legal experience and the ability to manage people to the BCP board.


Training and Bursaries

It is the policy of this Company to assist where possible in the training and dvelopment of our people.  During 1993 Mr. N.L. Pholafudi was given in-house training in our offices as a Quantity Surveyor (Q.S. in training).  Mr Pholafudi is currently successful in his own practice.  Mr. S.P. Ntlhe studied at the University of Cape Town making use of a bursary from the company.

Mr Johanthan Rukidi was successfully registered as a Quantity Surveyor after trainig within the company.  In 2009 Ms. N. Hlongwa was given in-service training at our offices towards completion of her studies at the Durban University of Technology.

In 2014 Mzo Khumalo did his mentorship through us and Yolanda Davis is currently registered as a candidate Quantity Surveyor under mentorship, working towards her professional qualification.Top

Affirmative Action Policy

The company has a strict affirmative action policy.  To date 7(seven) previously marginalized persons have been appointed in various positions in the company ranging from technical personnel to qualified Quantity Surveyors. Most have since moved on and started their own practices.

All the directors have successfully completed the examination for the TPP.  They are all registered and qualified to procure engineering and construction works as Responsible Agents, using the Targeted Procurement Procedure to implement the Affirmative Procurement Policy.

Involvement in the B-BBEE Program

For the past years this Company has been involved with various projects where we act as either project managers or contract managers assisting and training the smaller builder in contractual matters such as buying and controlling materials, sub contractual matters, supervision and tendering procedures, etc.  This is in line with the newly implemented EPWP progamme.

The Company is actively involved in assisting smaller contractors with their contractual matters.  This company is currently a Level 4 contributor.