2008 to date HVAC, Clean rooms & Mechanical Services
  Position:  Business Unit Manager
Gauteng Branch Mechanical Service Manager for all Mechanical Services of the 20 staff with 9 Specialist Engineers.
Duration:  3 years
Project Value: R20 Mil Fees / year
2010 to date Adcock Ingram Clayville.  New Pharmaceutical Plant
  Position:  Design Project Manager
Engineering and design of the GMP HVAC/ECS for the Liquids, Creams & Ointments (LCO) pharmaceutical facility.  Services provided include GMP Layout assistance, Environmental Control Systems (ECS or HVAC), pipe service utilities and HVAC project management.
Duration: 2 Years
Project Value: R50 Mil Mechanical
2008 - 2009 Prisons - PPP
  Position: Lead Mechanical Engineer
Brief Description:  Design of HVAC and Wet services for planning and construction of 4 new prisons
Assigned Tasks:  Mechanical Services and co-ordination to design team.
Duration:  2008 - waiting for feedback
Project Value
: R40 Mil Mechanical


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