Projects -



Department of Public Works Upgrading of Police College Pretoria West R   12 Mil
Mr. Oosthiuzen House Oosthuizen R  650 000
Mr. Wait House Wait R  600 000
Sakkor 40 Flats for Sakkor R  4.2 Mil
Dr. Cronje 15 Flats for Dr. Cronje R  2.1 Mil
SAVF 9 Flats for SAVF R  1.3 Mil
Shops in Mankweng R  400 000
Offices in Lebowakogomo R  280 000
Trust Motors Show room R  2.5 Mil
Shops for Bava R  600 000
Blink Toekoms Eiendomme Offices for Blink Toekoms Eiendomme R  650 000
Kabah Shops R  918 000
Dickinson Refractories New factory and offices R  3.6 Mil
Nissan South Africa New show room - Gateway R  2.5 Mil
Department of Works - North Coast Region Two year Programme Management R 400 Mil per year
Space Alton cc Offices & Workshops R  2.7 Mil
Public Works Magudu Magistrates Court R  9 Mil
Department of Works Manguzi Magistrates Court R  7.7 Mil
Community Centres for IDT New Communicty Centre R  3 Mil each
House for Dr. G. Kelling New Luxury House R  6 Mil
House for F. Phillips New Luxury House R 3 Mil
World Bank Condition assessment of 2 hospitals and 8 health care facilities to confirm budget for upgrading in Swaziland R  5 Mil
Department of Public Works Condition Assessment of buildings R  20 Mil