• Professional Services Offered

    Cost Management

    Cost Management including setting up effective cost control and reporting systems, providing elemental analysis, estimates, detailed cost plans and budgetary reports.

    The examination and assessment of the financial and contractual merits of the suggested package and turnkey offers.

    Advise on forms of contract, contract clauses, construction procedures and suitable contracts, sub-contracts, etc. Preparation of bills of quantities, trade bills, provisional bills, specified bills, schedules of rates and re-measurement of completed works.

    Cost Management - Construction Stage

    - Examination, assessment and negotiation of contract tenders, unit
      rates, contract conditions and contract/sub-contract prices.
    - Valuing work in progress for interim payments.
    - Sophisticated computerized cost monitoring and reporting
      techniques that ensures continuous cost control on all projects on a
      regular interval basis.
    - Advice on disputes and negotiation of construction claims
    - Checking negotiation and certification of outgoings on cost
      reimbursement contracts.

    Specialized Financial Services

    - Preparation of feasibility studies on the economic viability of
      projects incorporating sensitivity testing and analysis
    - Life cycle cost studies - evaluating overtime, design options,
      systems, components, materials and operation.  The consideration
      of costs in initial investment, future replacement, operation and
      maintenance and salvage of demolition for the building of part
    - Preparation and updating of cash-flow forecasts.
    - Replacement cost assessment of buildings for insurance purposes
      including regular updating.
    - Reinstatement assessments of damage caused to buildings by fire,
      flood or other insurable risks.
    - Property valuations.
    - Tax depreciation reporting, including preparation of schedules of tax
      depreciable items on new, refurbished and extensions to existing
    - Preparations of indicative tax depreciations assessments for initial
      feasibilities, tax based financing, marketing of buildings for potential
      sale or similar purposes.
    - Preparation of reports assessing eligibility for the investment
    - Preparation of Asset Registers to record expenditure during
      construction and\or specialized tenant requirements for account and
      taxation purposes.

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    Other Services

    - Cost studies in construction economics.
    - Arbitration and expert witness in construction and cost disputes. 
      Mr. J. Richards is a qualified Adjudicator and Arbitrator and a Fellow
      of the Association of Arbitrators as well as a Member of the
      Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.  He has successfully completed
      the Post graduate Certificate in Construction law and arbitration
      from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen Scotland.
    - Integrated sophisticated computer systems incorporating
      measurement and reporting from inception to completion, covering
      estimates, bills of quantities, financial cost control and project
      analysis and comparison.
    - Consultant Management Services i.e. computer training, Programme
      Management, etc.
    - Development of Electronic procurement documents based on the
      JBCC and GCC of Clients.
    - Condition assessments for life cycle cost analysis

    Project Management

    During planning and construction phases to ensure that the project remains within budget. time limits and quality standards.

    The coming aboard of Bingelela Investments Trust has brought more than 45 years combined industrial process engineering, maintenance and management expertise, acquired within various industries like chemical processing, aluminum smelting, food and edible oils processing, petroleum, fertilizer, titanium smelting, mining, pulp and paper, to the company.